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Are you an intermediate or advanced R user looking for an opportunity to expand your knowledge and connect with the diverse R community in the Twin Cities? We’d love for you to join us VIRTUALLY at noRth 2021!

Event Description

R is a multifunctional, open source tool used to do data visualization, statistical analysis, and data science across diverse sectors, fields, and industries. Getting the most out of R requires constant learning and skill development because it is always changing. The noRth Conference brings R users from the Upper Midwest together to share expertise, develop skills, and connect with one another.

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Registration is closed.


Public (non-UMN) Pricing Scale

  •     $100 - Student/Postdoc/Not Employed
  •     $125 - Academic Faculty/Staff, Government, or Nonprofit
  •     $150 - General Admission (not in previous categories)

UMN Internal Pricing Scale

  •     $50 - Paying with UMN dept. chartstring
  •     $75 - General UMN Admission

noRth is committed to celebrating and enhancing the diversity of the R community. With this in mind, a number of full registration scholarships are available for underrepresented and historically marginalized groups in the R community.  Learn how to apply.

Event Schedule


The conference will consist of two half-day sessions, taking place on September 29 and September 30. 

Event Website


Visit the official conference website for full information including schedules, speaker information, materials from last year's conference, and more!


Participants noted the following highlights from noRth 2020 and 2019:

“Seeing a wide range of R content, from beginner to expert packages and programming, was very eye opening and helped me get a sense of what I may be missing in my own practice.”

“Hearing from developers and other users on new packages that I haven't worked with yet.”

“I valued the way of approaching each topic which involved introducing some packages and providing basic techniques to use it through careful examples. Even people from completely unrelated fields could take away something.”

“I got to meet so many people that I wouldn't have generally and learn about all the cool things that they do.”

"Hearing the rationale behind decisions from package developers."

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