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What We Do

We offer statistics and data science help and collaboration. Our services range from planning of pilot studies and surveys, to methodological help with data science, software development for specialized tasks, and data analysis. These services are available to the entire community, including the members of the University of Minnesota and the business community. When working with clients we listen to your needs and work with you to understand the questions and objectives of your study. We actively participate and help you formulate your problems in terms of statistical and data science questions. Then we help you solve those problems, and work with you until the solutions are reasonable and understandable. We communicate with you about what can, and what cannot, be solved using modern data science methods. Every year we work on a wide range of projects with University researchers, community and business partners. Depending or your needs and questions we can provide quick answers or design new methods to answer the questions or your research or business needs. 


The Work We Have Done

Our team is ready to take on your data analysis needs. We have experience helping at all levels research and data interpretation.

Our experts can help you with:

  • design experiments and surveys
  • select and perform appropriate analyses
  • interpret results
  • write about statistical methods and results
  • grant proposals (both internal and external)
  • journal articles
  • respond to reviewers comments
  • student theses
  • planning of surveys
  • planning and designing pilot studies
  • Bayesian analysis and computations
  • preparing software tools for dedicated client usage
  • multi-level and hierarchical modeling
  • time series data analysis
  • prediction and forecast problems
  • risk analysis
  • analysis of extremes


Collaborative Research with Academia and Business

Are you interested in a collaborative project, which might require addressing open research questions? Are your questions more challenging than what can be answered by currently available data science tools? The mission of the Institute for Research in Statistics and its Applications (IRSA) is to engage in these collaborative and trans-disciplinary projects. Suitable collaborative projects may be free of charge! Long-term projects that involve our students and faculty as research collaborators rather than just service providers, as well as certain externally or internally funded projects may not require payment for several of our services.


We Respect Your Data and Privacy

The Institute for Research in Statistics and its Applications (IRSA) and the Statistical Consulting Center fully understands and respect your privacy and confidentiality. We will never share your data, your projects or your contact information with anyone. We have resources and team strength to handle confidential and sensitive data and projects. Student and faculty team members goes through training to ensure they know and understand ethical requirements, and are bound to follow responsible research standards.





Contact Us

Please contact [email protected] with any general questions.

The Team:

Galin Jones
[email protected]
Director of the Institute for Research in Statistics and its Applications


Lan Liu
[email protected]
Director of the Lynn Y. S. Lin Consulting Center


Matthew Dangel
[email protected]
Business Manager for the IRSA Statistical Consulting Center


Amanda Schwartz
[email protected]
Communications and Events Manager