Neuro-Statistics: the interface between Neuroscience and Statistics

Walter Library

The Workshop

The modern world is one of data: every walk of life and every aspect of nature and human society generates information that can be used for scientific discovery and betterment of life on this planet. This workshop is on the frontier of collaborative research on the use of Statistics and Data Science methods towards understanding Neuroscience data and scientific objectives, and on the challenges and scope of this inter-disciplinary research. A half-day short course will be followed by multiple research presentations culminating in a poster session, on various aspects of how Data Science can help us understand better the human brain.

Speakers will include three external researchers and a number of University of Minnesota researchers working on the cutting edge of neuroscience and statistics.

Registration Fees and Information:

Registration is now open for the workshop. Students who contribute a first author poster or article to the workshop will receive a $25 reimbursement towards their registration. Email [email protected] if you would like to submit a poster or article.


  • $50 for students, including post docs ($25 reimbursement possible with submission of poster or article)
  • $75 for UofM Faculty/Staff
  • $100 for Everyone Else

(Important Note: The first year costs have been subsidized, thanks to startup funds from the college. Next year we anticipate the rate doubling.)

We recommend people coming from out of town stay at The Commons Hotel, which is only a few blocks away from the workshop site.

Poster Session Information

Prizes of up to $500 awarded for top three student posters. All undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students are eligible with registration. Faculty and staff posters are also welcome, but only student posters will be eligible for prices.


Thank you to our Co-Sponsors-

International Indian Statistical Association (IISA)
International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA)