Steve Graves


Steve Graves is the Global Vice President of Business Development at Fluence by OSRAM. He is responsible for diversifying Fluence’s product and business capabilities on a global scale. Steve began his career at OSRAM with an overseas internship where he unexpectedly dove head-first into the global lighting industry. After his short stint as a sales intern in Munich, Germany, Steve catapulted into OSRAM’s pricing, sales management, operations and business development practices throughout the world. Since then, he has dedicated his life, his career and his travels to pursuing innovations in LED lighting, ultimately reconnecting with farming to explore advancements in controlled environment agriculture and modern growing practices for horticulture. His travels have taken him throughout Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Australia, and North America, during which he built cross-cultural relationships with global lighting design and farming experts. After his return to the U.S., Steve served as the strategic program manager for OSRAM’s urban and digital farming unit, where he played a prominent role in Fluence’s acquisition in mid-2018 and ultimately joined Fluence as its director of global segment management. Steve has a BS in Accounting from St. Cloud State University and a MS in Accounting from the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business. 

Portrait of Steve Graves