Partha  Chakraborty

CEO | Switchboard Systems, LLC; Founder & CEO | Kent Avenue Capital Partners, LLC.

Title: Trust Arbitrage and Blockchain enabled Economy of the Future


“The Firm” has historically exploited trust arbitrage. Autocracies, another historical beneficiary of trust arbitrage, lost ground to democracy when Founding Fathers endowed certain rights to the individual. We argue that BlockChain innovations have the power of bestowing the same to economic agents at an atomic level, thereby solving the dichotomy of power of the Firm even in a new “sharing economy”. Implications are profound, long-lasting and pervasive – especially in finance.


Dr. Parthapratim (“Partha”) Chakraborty, a dual native of both the Investment world and the Blockchain space, is an inventor and serial entrepreneur. Currently Dr. Chakraborty is CEO of of Switch Board Systems, a Blockchain 3.0 startup monetizing proprietary technology helping solve issues around trust and identity online using Open Mustard Seed protocol developed in collaboration with MIT Media Lab. He is a prolific contributor in the confluence of Blockchain tech and the economic impact of the same; he is a co-author of a recently published book on impact of technology on Wealth Management Industry. Before Blockchain, Dr. Chakraborty spent two decades in all parts of investment value chain covering all asset classes and multiple geographies, and also as an entrepreneur.

Dr. Chakraborty, a CFA Charter holder, has a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance from Cornell University, Ithaca, as well as degrees in Statistics and Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India. He attended a Harvard Business School Executive Program for Senior Investment Company Managers.

Dr. Chakraborty lives in Southern California with his family.