Amy Riegelman


Social Sciences Librarian, University of Minnesota

Talk Title

Confidence, Rigor, and Transparency in Science: The Role of Evidence Synthesis


Successful replications are one pathway to confidence in science, and another is via evidence synthesis (e.g., meta-analytic methods). This session will include background information on various evidence synthesis methodologies and expectations for rigor and transparency. Evidence synthesis methods are two-fold regarding reproducibility and replicability in that 1. the methods of these studies should be rigorous, and transparently reported to carefully avoid cherry-picking evidence, and 2. they synthesize and draw conclusions based on the existing lines of evidence (as opposed to single studies). This session will both highlight the role of evidence synthesis and describe limitations for these methodologies. 


Amy Riegelman is a Social Sciences Librarian at the University of Minnesota where her work includes reference and instruction responsibilities as well as co-chairing a systematic review service. Her reproducibility and replicability experience includes adherence to reporting guidelines, transparent and reproducible literature search methods for the purposes of evidence syntheses, and preregistration. Amy facilitates the University of Minnesota’s Chapter of ReproducibiliTea and serves on the Campbell Collaboration’s Information Retrieval Methods Group.

Portrait of Amy Riegelman