Marianna Pensky

Professor, University of Central Florida


Signed Diverse Multiplex Networks: Clustering and Inference


The talk introduces a Signed Generalized Random Dot Product Graph (SGRDPG) model, which is a variant of the Generalized Random Dot Product Graph (GRDPG), where, in addition, edges can be positive or negative. The setting is extended to a multiplex version, where all layers have the same collection of nodes and follow the SGRDPG. The only common feature of the layers of the network is that they can be partitioned into groups with common subspace structures, while otherwise matrices of connection probabilities can be all different.  The paper fulfills two objectives. First, it shows that keeping signs of the edges in the process of network construction leads to a better precision of estimation and clustering and, hence, is beneficial for tackling real world problems such as, for example, analysis of brain networks. Second, by employing novel algorithms, our paper ensures strongly consistent clustering of layers and high accuracy of subspace estimation.        


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