Grand Challenge (GC) Proposal Solicitation - two $1k awards to be given

Provost Hanson has recently announced  the next round of Grand Challenge (GC) proposal solicitation. Here is the link: 


In order to encourage participation in this program, IRSA is announcing a pre-proposal competitive award challenge! A one-page (12 point font, single-spaced, 1 inch margins) pre-proposal is solicited on topics that involve (i) Statistics and Data Science, (ii) any one or more of the GC topics. Details are given below.

IRSA will make two  awards of $1000 each to the two best pre-proposals (one award of $1000 if less than 5 proposals are submitted, nobody can get more than 1 award). Due date is Friday, February 10th, 4.30 pm Central Time. You may use the award money for preliminary research to develop a substantial GC proposal. Also, you may use the pre-proposal as part of the actual GC proposal. Send your pre-proposals to [email protected] by e-mail. One of the senior faculty member in Statistics will evaluate the proposals. Needless to say, your ideas in the pre-proposals remain yours, and safe with us.

Here are the components we require in your pre-proposal:

Your name.

Title of the proposal.

Name at least one potential collaborator on this project from the Twin Cities campus [GC requires a minimum 2 person collaboration. For IRSA, just naming your collaborator on campus suffices. Submitting a proposal jointly with your collaborator(s) is strongly encouraged, and brings you closer to the GC proposal submission.]

One paragraph project description. You must explicitly explain how both Statistics and one of the 5 core GC topics is involved.

One (smaller) paragraph on what are the statistical challenges and potential research work to be done.

One (smaller) paragraph on  the related GC topic, and how will this research benefit that domain. [See the "Strategic plan" document for the 8 GC research criteria.]

Everything must fit inside a 1 page document, in 12points font, single-spaces, and 1 inch margins.

Multiple proposals are allowed (but keep in mind evaluating these is a voluntary task on the part of one of your colleagues, and anyone can get at most 1 award). 

Anybody satisfying GC eligibility conditions can apply. The broad framework of GC rules apply for the IRSA competition also.